League of Women Voters Non-Partisan?

LWV: It is unbelievable that anyone would suggest that the League of Women Voters is unpatriotic…
Me: No, it really is not unbelievable. We have been saying that for years since you insist upon making arbitrary rules regarding who gets to be included in your debates.
You know that unless a legitimate candidate, who made the ballot requirements such as the monstrous 10,000 signature requirement in Virginia, would never get a five percent polling since 1) the polls are rigged and often only include other or undecided rather than any additional candidates. 2) Without the exposure from your debate there if virtually no other way that an underfunded 3rd candidate – one not blessed with titanic party dollars – can crack that percentage.

LWV: … the League’s nonpartisan role in sponsoring and moderating …
Me: there is nothing non-partisan in your role. You serve the two titanic parties- that is quite clear. That makes you partisan!

LWV:… we will stand proud, “Making Democracy Work” in our fair and nonpartisan way…
Me: once again a lie and a hypocrisy. If you really intended to make democracy work you would allow all legitimate candidates to participate. More voices and more choices is how democracy works.

LWV: The League of Women Voters and our members are patriotic to their core…
Me: to the core of the two titanic parties.

LWV: We sponsor nonpartisan debates.
Me: Lie!
LWV: We publish nonpartisan voters’ guides.
Me: If you include all candidates in your voter guide, then why not in the debates?

LWV: …help us keep the focus on making democracy work…
Me: Get serious about making democracy work and you will have our support.


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