Left – Moderate – Right?

Share your thoughts on who should challenge President Obama in 2012. Should two pair up to run independent? Should Obama be primaried in his own political party?

Herman Cain

Progressive – Liberal – Moderate – Conservative – Far Right – Uncategorized
Ralph Nader
Russ Feingold
Michael Bloomberg
Gary Johnson
Herman Cain
Mitch Daniels
Cynthia McKinney
Mike Gravel
Mitt Romney
Joe Scarborough
Sarah Palin
Jesse Ventura
Dennis Kucinich
Elizabeth Warren
Mark Warner
Andrew Napolitano
Steve King
Lou Dobbs
Bernie Sanders
Hillary Clinton
John Bolton
Ron Paul
Jim DeMint
Karen Kwiatkowski
Alan Grayson
Howard Dean
Jeb Bush
Haley Barbour
Chris Christie
Condoleezza Rice
Matt Gonzalez
Bob Corker
John Thune
Mike Pence
Keith Olbermann
Tim Kaine
Bobby Jindal
Tim Pawlenty
Rick Perry
Mike Huckabee
Jon Huntsman
Marco Rubio
Rick Snyder
Rick Santorum
Scott Brown
Chuck Baldwin
Newt Gingrich
Alan Keyes
Lincoln Chafee

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2 Responses to Left – Moderate – Right?

  1. jodo201 says:

    Those names were supposed to be listed in table format. See writeconsult.com/grid.html for a better version.

  2. jodo201 says:

    Names to add? George Pataki, Jeff Flake, Judd Gregg, Don Caceri, Sam Brownback, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Mike Lee, John Mackey

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